Vivian Caccuri presents her first solo show in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Leme Gallery is holding from next Thursday, May 7th, the first solo show by Vivian Caccuri in São Paulo, “Condominium”. The show is curated by Bernardo Mosqueira

In “Condominium,” Caccuri shows four different series of new works, making use of technology, as in both series “Goodbye” and “Bias” to reflect on the permeability – often curtailed – between public space and private space. The sculpture “Goodbye,” a mini soundsystem from the early 2000s, was modified in partnership with engineers in order to tune to different radio stations simultaneously and react to the circulating visitors in the exhibition space. In “Bias,” Caccuri collected hundreds of pedestrians’ portraits in downtown Rio de Janeiro so as to subvert one of the first technologies of facial recognition, called “Eigenface.” This system, which creates a kind of “fingerprint” from different photographs of a person’s face, was used to compose a phantasmagoric blot of the one hundred people photographed on the street. From the digital image, Caccuri produced drawings in charcoal on paper.

The series “Pagode” is a kind of tapestry inside out, where the protective membranes from construction sites, such as the signs and protective screens, are shredded and transformed into large geometric designs. The ends are loose and hold broken glass or aluminum bars, which gives them movement and sound when moved by the observer. Another work that can be manipulated in the exhibition is the series “My Mistake,” made from keys discarded by locksmiths from downtown São Paulo due to mistakes while cutting or because the locks were changed. The keys are hung directly on the concrete walls in the shape of graphs from economic and opinion-based research. The keys, when played with by the public, produce a sharp, bright sound in the gallery’s space.

The materials, shapes, places, and dynamics of “Condominium” are part of the research for “Silent Walk.” While Caccuri researches the locations for the wandering in silence, she encounters people, objects, and situations that cumulatively become elements for projects such as those in the exhibition. Thus, since it already happens in the walks, “Condominium” redirects the visitor’s physical presence, reflecting upon the role of intimacy and integration of differences (or the exclusion of both) in the constitution of public space: is the Brazilian material world undergoing a process of “condominiumification”?

“Condominium”, solo show by Vivian Caccuri
Curated by Bernardo Mosqueira
Opening: May 7th
On view through May 13th

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