Fábia Schnoor presents two brand new drawing series in solo show “Lugar”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Rio-based artist Fábia Schnoor is on view with her solo show “Lugar”[“Place”] at Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes, curated by Paulo Sergio Duarte. In the exhibition, Schnoor presents two drawing series made with nankin.

In the series “Lugar”, sharing its title with the exhibition, the artist captures the instant the nankin drops, making its trajectory, building maps, blueprints and memories. In “Cartobiografias”, through an automatic writing, Fábia registers her line of thought by gestures and seeks to rebuild a memory or a moment in the past. Thus the artist describes her process: “my interest is in recognising the strong presence that absence brings. Investigating how fate acts and what is built from it. Seeing time leave its mark, how it can desintegrante and reintegrate matter, what is conserved and lost.”

Fábia researches about memory construction and the ways of registering time and men, as well as the constant link between choice and fate in creating an artwork. In one of her series the artist develops geometric drawings, from dots left by bookworms in an old book. In her residence in Berlin, she photographed traces she found, along her way, left by passersby and then created imaginary maps from these photographs.

Read the curatorial text, by Paulo Sergio Duarte:
Everyone knows that the autonomous force behind drawing is modern. Before, drawing was see as a supply and preparation for painting or studying, without the same importance as oil painting, murals or afrescos, sculptures or even prints. Modern art and the contemporary world elevate drawing to the same level as any other art medium and transformed it in an action, previously underrated.

Fábia Schnoor’s drawings are a demonstration of this potential that becomes action and without this easy appeal to commonplace imagery, so on vogue nowadays. Nankin on paper is another element of the tradition Fábia’s drawings bring to the present in a current language. Medium here is not neutral; like in mostly all inteligent contemporary art it plays the main role, as well as the ink, and participates actively in the creative process. In drawings where the paper, whose texture absorbs and expands the ink on the surface beyond the artist gesture, as in see-through mediums where we can overlap two layers, and a work produces its own ghost.

“Lugar”, solo show by Fábia Schnoor
Curated by Paulo Sergio Duarte
On view through 18th July

Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes | Galeria de Arte Maria de Lourdes Mendes Almeida
Rua Joana Angélica, 63 – Ipanema
T.: +55 21 2525-1006

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