Last days | “Austeridade das Formas”, solo show by Rodrigo Garcia Dutra

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The artist Rodrigo Garcia Dutra is currently on view with the solo show “Austeridade das Formas” [“Austerity of Shapes”], at the Superfície Gallery.

The exhibition investigates the links between the Copan building and the Katsura palace in Kyoto, Japan. The title refers to the severe organization of these two architectural structures. The hardness and imposition of order against chaos. In Japan this chaos is represented by nature, which is respected in the very gardens, contrasting with European gardens, organised meticulously. In Copan this order is established in regards to urban chaos. Rodrigo also investigates the absent need for an authorial architecture in Katsura. The style is defined by the time’s zeitgeist and there was not a figure of architect-author, as in the West. Rodrigo presents, in this show, a seris of paintings representing the connection between the two spaces. Also on view are a video with shots of Copan and the Katsura palace replica in the Ibirapuera park.

“Austeridade das Formas”, solo show by Rodrigo Garcia Dutra
On view through 11th June

Galeria Superfície
Rua Oscar Freire 240 – Jardins
T + 55 11 3062 3576

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