Last days | “Edições Tijuana”, a partnership with Galeria Vermelho, gathers works by 28 artists

(Paris, France)

Through 27th June, the MdM Gallery will present the exhibition “Edições Tijuana – publishing in the frontier, curated by Ana Luiza Fonseca and gather 28 books by contemporary Brazilian artists. This ensemble, produced over the course of five years, comes from Tijuana, a platform created in 2007 as an initiative by Galeria Vermelho and reference in the artist publication universe.

Books as a privileged form of expression for Brazilian artists first came about in the 1950s and 60s, with the neoconcrete movement, when its representatives developed artworks mixing poetry and visual arts. During the military dictatorship, this resource was popular among artists as it was easily transported and hidden. Tijuana creator Eduardo Brandão, however, noticed that nowadays this type of process is not very practical, due to difficulties in producing, exhibiting and selling. The exhibition and sales kiosk Tijuana, set outside the Galeria Vermelho, offers assistence for this universe and in 2009 was extended to an annual fair.

The exhibition presents a wide variety of Tijuana products and you can tell how this resource always asks for a continuation of the proximity with the artist. “Álbum” by Lia Chaia, a transparent book with flexible pages as in a Panini album, juxtaposes images of human anatomy and mythology which call back themes estimed by the artist: interactivity with the viewer and the tension between religion and science. Other artists featured are Carlos Vergara (Nominating Committee member in 2012), Brígida Baltar, Pedro Varela, Ana Holck, Maria Laet, Ala d’Amico, Marcelo Cidade, Marcius Galan, João Loureiro, Lucia Loeb, André Komatsu, Luisa Duarte (Nominating Committee member in 2015)

“Edições Tijuana – Publishing in the frontier”, a partnership with Galeria Vermelho
On view through 27th June

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