Last days | “Negro de Fumo”, solo exhibition by Eduardo Haesbaert

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Bolsa de Arte gallery in São Paulo is currently showing the solo exhibition “Negro de Fumo” by artist Eduardo Haesbaert.

“Negro de Fumo” is the first solo show by Eduardo Haesbaert in São Paulo, gathering 25 of his drawings and prints. His ouevre refers to the shadows of truth and his chosen mediums vary from charcoal to oil paint and pigments. Haesbaert was Iberê Camargo’s assistent and is currently coordinator of the print studio at the Iberê Camargo Foundation. The artworks are presented by artist Nuno Ramos. Haesbaert’s work are under Camargo’s influence, such as through the background poetics perspective. There is a quiet obscurity, of an artist used to the thorough and daily exchange between materials and their effects.

“Negro de Fumo”, solo show by Eduardo Haesbaert
Curated by Nuno Ramos
On view through 27th June

Bolsa de Arte gallery in São Paulo
Rua Mourato Coelho, 790 – Vila Madalena, São Paulo
55 11 3812-7137 | 3097-9673

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