Maurício Ianês carries out action “Desmemória”, as part of group exhibition

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

As part of the group show “A Mão Negativa”, opened this past weekend, the performance artist Maurício Ianês is carrying out an action entitled “Desmemória”[“Unmemory”], since yesterday, the 21st, to go on until next Saturday the 27th.


“Desmemória” is a brand new action for a specific location, especially designed for the “A Mão Negativa” exhibition. For this action, the artist chose the park fountain, where he will live for seven days and will talk to the public strictly using verbs in the future tense.

Ação “Desmemória”, action by Maurício Ianês
Part of exhibition “A Mão Negativa”
Curated by Bernardo José de Souza
From 21st to 27th June, 24 hours a day, at the Fountain

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