Opening | “Expo Entes”, group show featuring works by Toz

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The gallery Marsiaj Tempo, a joint venture between galleries Laura Marsiaj and Tempo, present the group show “Expo Entes” [“Expo Nents”], with popular graffiti artists from Rio and São Paulo, among them Toz. The exhibition opens tonight, 2nd June, at 7pm. In total there are eight large scale canvases and three photographs with interventions.

About Toz: Toz creates as a necessity. He thinks of canvas that depicts different times of his life, his story. Mixing materials, he scribbles and practices drawing every day in an endless search for new forms, using spray or brush, oil paint or collages. Toz writes a story inspired by the modern and urban daily life. He moves both on the streets and in art galleries where his strong style, the intense colors and the theme speak strongly to the playful space within us and invade our perspective.

Featuring: Finok, Flip (São Paulo), Br, Gais, Krrank, Pia and Toz (Rio de Janeiro).

“Expo Entes”, group show with Toz
Opening: 2nd June, 7pm
On view through 3rd July

Marsiaj Tempo
Rua Teixeira de Melo, 31C – Ipanema
T.: (21) 2513-2074
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