Extended | “IDENTITY/MEMORY”, with Alexandre Mazza, Ivan Grilo and Nazareno

(London, UK)

Frameless Gallery is holding from May 5th the group show “IDENTITY/MEMORY” [“IDENTIDADE/MEMÓRIA”], which presents 27 artists with different nationalities,including Alexandre Mazza, Ivan Grilo and Nazareno.

Adapted from the curatorial text, by Gabriela Davies:
Identity and memory tend to be classified individually, fulfilling specific functions in our lives. Memory for example seems to belong to the psychoanalytic tradition or the subject of art and is considered by nature subjective – depending largely on the changing state-of-mind of the individual concerned. Identity, on the other hand, is concrete and corresponds to definitive yes/no answers such as status, profession and occupation, and perhaps despite or because of these concrete features, also tends to answer big questions such as – Who am I? What do I believe in? What makes me who I am?

Though, if both are put in perspective, one can understand that the linking bonds between identity and memory have multiple formats and shapes. A line seems to be placed between the two concepts that can both connect and divide – as a simultaneous act of confinement and emancipation. Like all lines, it is also a schism. Though, how one perceives this schism depends on one’s own relation to the topic.

The body of work in this project is composed of a spontaneous assemblage of submitted works, from artists all over the world – Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Thailand and Australia. Some of the artists have a personal connection to me, whilst others encountered the project proposal online. This project took a virtual format through its beginning and middle stages – a virtual gallery setup and crowd-funding event – and now concludes with an exhibition gathering a selection of each of the selected works.

One can of course, make numerous connections among the works at hand – how the works relate to each other as well as how they work within the topic proposed in this exhibition. Subtopics might be formed in constellation – a remote divergence from the nucleus, yet connecting as individual entities independently amongst each other.

Topics vary according to each artist’s perspective and practice, and touch on subjects that can be both personal, like the recording of an event, and impersonal such as the understanding of myths and identities buried within a society cultural heritage. Though, it is of course dependent upon the viewer to emancipate himself or herself from any previous set forms of classification and make the links within, between, amongst and even outside the works presented.

“IDENTITY/MEMORY”, with Alexandre Mazza, Ivan Grilo and Nazareno
Curated by Gabriela Davies
Extended until the 23rd June

The Gallery on the Corner
155 Battersea Park Road
T.: +44 7968 648112

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