Bruno Miguel holds solo show in Colombia

(Bogota, Colombia)

Bruno Miguel is on view with the exhibition “Sientase en Casa”, at the Sketch Gallery. Presenting works in parallel exhibitions are artists Gerardo Echevarría and Andrés Brück.


Miguel’s production is based on exploring the imaginary of “tropical art”, in which the artist searches for hybrid techniques in a pictorial territory, using different materials. The aim is to extend preconceived notions to the limit, thus creating a particular perspective of the world, which can fit in any human context. Bruno Miguel’s research regards landscape painting, from possible constructions and representations. He uses a pictorial line of thought, adding personal references, history of art, media and popular culture to it.

"Ceci n'est pas une sculpture"

“Sientase en casa”, solo show by Bruno Miguel
On view through 23rd July

Calle 75A No 20 C – 12
T.: +57 1 3458228

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