Exclusive interviews | Meet four artists who are part of PIPA 2015

Yearly, artists taking part in PIPA are invited to record a video interview exclusively for the Prize. Through them we get to know the artists better, their careers, ideas and motivations. The interviews are carried out by Matrioska Filmes. Today we present four video interviews with artists Fernando Piola, Gustavo Von Ha, Luiz Roque and Rodrigo Garcia Dutra.

Fernando Piola

With a degree in Arts through the School of Communications and Arts of the São Paulo University, in 2007, Piola has held since 2008 four solo exhibitions in museums and institutions in São Paulo. The artist talks about the relationship between photography and his work: “Photography comes in as a record of what I did”.

As well as being an artist, Piola also works as cataloger in the São Paulo Museum of Contemporary Art. “This job at the museum combines many perks. At the same time it keeps me informed with a repertoire of art history, it also shows me some practices that I incorporate in my poetic research”.

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Gustavo Von Ha

Gustavo Von Ha’s production (first time being nominated for the Prize this edition) is developed from a research about the thin boundaries between reality and fiction, art and market, authorial production and cultural industry insite the contemporary art context. These issues also question the role of the artist nowadays.

In this exclusive interview, Von Ha tells us about how he used a camera lucida (a medieval optical device) in the series “Projeto Leonilson” and “Projeto Tarsila”, in which he reproduces images of important artists in Brazilian art history. “Before the internet and the digital age, image would transform itself at each copy and replication. Either losing quality or turning into another image. Today, an image can be reproduced on the internet a million times and still be exactly the same image”.

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Luiz Roque

Nominated for the second time this year, Luiz Roque gives us his second interview for the Prize.

In it, Roque tells about his two-month stay in London, in 2014. Participating in an artistic residency, he enjoyed the British city to deepen his researches on the Victorian age, 1980s performer Leigh Bowery and artist Henry Moore. He also talks about how his work aims at creating doubts and frustrations about some concepts we may believe are right and work out issues of gender and body.

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Rodrigo Garcia Dutra

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra was nominated for PIPA for the first time this year. The São Paulo-based artist works with painting, sculpture, video, as well as other medias. Dutra says that, for him, the Academia de Arte is more a place of exchange than one of training.

The artist talks about his experiences with various medias and his preference for manual work: “I’ve already experienced virtual reality and it is something that has disenchanted me. I think the manual thing, and what has to do with touch, with “get your hands dirty” attitude, and actually get something out of it has more to do with what I seek now.”


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