New exclusive videos | Watch interviews with PIPA 2015 nominees

Yearly, artists taking part in PIPA are invited to record a video interview exclusively for the Prize. Through them we get to know the artists better, their careers, ideas and motivations. The interviews are carried out by Matrioska Filmes. Today we present three video-interviews with artists Antonio Bokel, Felipe Cama and the collective Poro. Read more about their works and watch the interviews below:

Antonio Bokel

In the course of two decades, Antonio Bokel has presented his work in Brazil and abroad, either in galleries or through urban interventions, connecting street art to contemporary art.

In this interview given exclusively for the Prize, the artist says that the great strength behind his production comes from painting, which supports his works with photography and silkscreen printing.

About urban interventions, Bokel comments: “It’s as if there was a hidden harmony already commanding it all, which we have no control over. It’s almost as if I were a scientist looking for proof.” The artist also talks about the roles intuition and organisation play in his creative process and tells us ab it of the beginning of his career.


Felipe Cama

Nominated for PIPA for the first time this year, Felipe Cama uses images taken from different medias, from digital ones going around the internet, to advert pictures, photographs found in virtual holiday albums and historical artworks reproductions: “My work is in thinking about the image, how it is produced, distributeed, how this changes the way we consume image”.

In the video the artist talks about this appropriation and discusses works such as “Notícias de Lugar Nenhum (Made in China)” and “Search: Ericka”, and tells us tha some of his paintings were not actually made by him but rather deal with this sort of production and how one consumes painting.



Created in 2002, Poro is a collective comprised of Brígida Campbell and Marcelo Terça-Nada!. They live and work between Belo Horizonte and Salvador and this is their first nomination of the Prize.

In the interview, the amusing couple tells us their work stimulate the public to see urban intervention as a debating tool and to reflect about the city. They also say their work is multi-faceted and has many moments, with different readings and dimensions.


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