Opening | “Imaterialidade”, group show with Laura Vinci, Marcius Galan and Paulo Vivacqua

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Sesc Belenzinho opens tonight, at 9pm, the exhibition “Imaterialidade”, on view through 27th September. Curated by Adon peres and Ligia Canongia, the contemporary art show brings together different artists whose works evoke dematerialization of matter or, artists who use the intangible as main element – sound, light, air, word.

“Imaterialidade” consists of 22 works, signed by 10 Brazilia artists – Brígida Baltar, Carlito Carvalhosa, Fabiana de Barros & Michel Favre, José Damasceno, Laura Vinci, Marcius Galan, Marcos Chaves, Paola Junqueira, Paulo Vivacqua and Waltercio Caldas – and eight artists from different nations – Anthony McCall, Ben Vautier, Bruce Nauman, Ceal Floyer, François Morellet, James Turrell, Keith Sonnier and Ryan Gander.

The exhibition shows artists who deal with art in two manners of relationships: the issue of “matter” and “non-matter”, where there may be or not a concrete materiality. Adon Peres comments on how visitors will confront these two perceptions: “in the first case, a specific subject-object relationship is formed, although distanced; in the second, specially with installations, the visitor literally dives into the artwork atmosphere.”

The curators sought “art that assumes visibility beyond what is visible, sensibility beyond physical effects, travelling through and in between bodies; situations in which materiality loses contours and becomes fluid”. Ligia Canongia explains the sensory proposal of the exhibition is the provocation of emptiness, of absence, of intervals, of vapour and air existing between all things, and what surrounds us constantly.

The works were chosen by their potential of evoking the primary question the exhibition wants to raise”, says Adon peres. The exhibition highlights dematerialization as a way of stating the fragile character, ephemeral or intangible, of the work of art”, Ligia points out.

“Imaterialidade”, group show with Laura Vinci, Marcius Galan and Paulo Vivacqua
Opening: 1st July, at 9pm
On view through 27th September
Free admission

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