Rodrigo Garcia Dutra | Exclusive interview

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra was nominated for PIPA for the first time this year. The São Paulo-based artist works with painting, sculpture, video, as well as other medias. Dutra says that, for him, the Academia de Arte is more a place of exchange than one of training.

The artist talks about his experiences with various medias and his preference for manual work: “I’ve already experienced virtual reality and it is something that has disenchanted me. I think the manual thing, and what has to do with touch, with “get your hands dirty” attitude, and actually get something out of it has more to do with what I seek now.”

Watch the interview:

To learn more about the artist, see images of his works and informations on his career, access Rodrigo Garcia Dutra’s page.

Yearly, artist taking part in PIPA are invited to record an interview exclusively for the Prize. Through them we get to know the artists better, their careers, ideas and motivations. The interviews are produced by Matrioska Filmes.

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