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Last days | Project “SITU”, presented by Galeria Leme

(São Paulo, Brazil) The curatorial focus falls upon artists whose researches gravitate around architectural and urban space issues, as well as other tangential topics. In addition, there is an emphasis on Latin American artists, as they have another bodily and intellectual understanding of space that comes from an intense familiarity with the complexity of the public sphere and of the urban and social processes that are specific to Latin America.


Felipe Cama presents his interest in digital images in “Sul X North”

(São Paulo, Brazil) In this new series, the computer-internet binomial remains the central axis of the work, both from an instrumental point of view and also as a source of raw material for the work. The exhibition is not only about the possibilities and limitations of the nature of digital and electronic media, but also questions the problem of representation of images from art history through these same channels.

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