Last days | Exhibition “Ficções” dives into contemporary artistic narratives

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Group exhbition “Ficções” [“Fictions”] dives into the narrative universe of some of the most remarkable contemporary artists in Brazil, using as starting point the book of the same name Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. Curated by Daniela Name, the exhibition gathers over 40 works, including painting, installation, videos and other medias by 33 Brazilian artists.

The exhibition highlights the plurality of Brazilian art. As well as betting on the strength of Rio artists, the show brings other cities close together. “Narrative resources such as simile are very important when it comes to Brazilian art. This is an exhibition formed by a crossing between contemporary art and literature, film, theatre and music, among other languages. At no point we are illustrating a book of stories”, says curator Daniela Name.

“Ficções” invites the viewer to a journey through narrative from the exhibition space foyer, where a van was placed. The installation is part of the work “Fala dos confins”, by Virginia de Medeiros, an awarded artist. Sculptures “Bichos-da-seda”, by Delson Uchôa, mark out the viewer’s path until the second floor, where they will be met by “Lista de coisas brancas”, by Raquel Stolf, as well as an installation by Andrey Zignnatto made of bricks, and a set of works by Vitor Mizael.

The public can also appreciate Julia Debasse’s paitings inspired by trips and the work “Satélite”, by Ismael Monticelli. Pictures by Delson Uchôa are next to works by Marilá Dardot. The public can also see Reginaldo Pereira and Marcelo Moscheta‘s clipboards. Guilherme Dable presents watercolours while Rosângela Rennó displays a video named “Vera Cruz” – with no images, just sounds – about the arrival of the Portuguese to the Vera Cruz island. São Paulo artist Luiz Zerbini presents the large-scaled painting “A onda”, followed by three photographs by Adriana Varejão.

The curator brings back a work from the beginning of Marcos Chaves’ career, “Não falo duas vezes”, and approximates it to “I love you”, a matress and a garden made of fabric created by Ana Miguel. Lourival Cuquinha‘s work proposes a reflection on capital, utopy and the role of money as a great fiction. In the last section, “Ficções” showcases paintings by Daniel Lannes, the video “Buruburu”, by Ayrson Heráclito, “Escoras”, by Alessandro Sartore, sets of works by Pedro Varela and Marcone Moreira, and the account @Desdicionário, where Daniela Belmiro reinvents word definitions in social medias.

Featured artists: Adriana Varejão, Alessandro Sartore, Ana Miguel, Andrey Zignnatto, Ayrson Heráclito, Barrão, Daniel Lannes, Delson Uchôa, @Desdicionário, Elisa Castro, Guilherme Dable, Ismael Monticelli, José Rufino, Jozias Benedicto, Julia Debasse, Lia Chaia, Lourival Cuquinha, Luiz Zerbini, Marcelo Moscheta, Marilá Dardot, Marcone Moreira, Marcos Chaves, Mario Grisolli, Mayana Redin, Nazareno, Nino Cais, Pedro Varela, Raquel Stolf, Reginaldo Pereira, Rosana Ricalde, Rosângela Rennó, Virginia de Medeiros, Vitor Mizael.

Group exhibition “Ficções”
Curated by Daniela Name
On view through 6th September
Free admission

CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro
Av. Almirante Barroso, 25 – Centro
T.: (55 21) 3980 3815
Visiting: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 9pm

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