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56th Venice Biennial | “So much that it doesnt’t fit here”

(Venice, Italy) As part of the traditional National Participations, the Brazilian Pavilion will present works by André Komatsu, Antonio Manuel and Berna Reale, Curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio and Cauê Alves, the exhibition has been highlighted in international press, such as the English newspaper The Guardian which included the installation “Nave”, by Antonio Manuel, among the best works featured in the Biennial.


Itinerant circuit of the 31st São Paulo Biennial arrives in Portugal next week

(Porto, Portugal) The selected artworks, from paintings and sculptures to video and installation, distil the ideas of the Brazilian exhibition and focus on how art can alter ways of thinking about the world. Through imagining forms of life and society that are different or do not (yet) exist, the artworks question the authority of religion, history and systems of control and suggest how it could be different.


On view | “Mastro”, solo exhibition by Estela Sokol

(São Paulo, Brazil) The artist is most known for her sculptures and interventions on nature, in which fluorescent colours reverb. For this exhibition, she uses pieces in short scale and downgraded palette. The white of the rocks, their brightness or opacity, are highlighted, associated to discrete tonal gestures and shapes that suggest a dialogue with the atmosphere of Brazilian festivities in June.

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