56th Venice Biennial | “So much that it doesnt’t fit here”

The 56th edition of Venice Biennial happens until November. The title chosen for the International Art Exhibition is “All the World’s Futures”.

As part of the traditional National Participations, the Brazilian Pavilion will present the show “So much that it doesnt’t fit here”, with works by André Komatsu, Antonio Manuel and Berna Reale.

The exhibition is been highlighted in National and International press. Numerous Brazilian newspapers mentioned the success of the show, while English newspaper The Guardian included the installation “Nave”, by Antonio Manuel, among the best artworks presented in the Biennial.

The works and the artists

Antonio Manuel is a plastic artist, illustrator and sculptor, born in Portugal. He arrived in Brazil at the age of six, in 1953. His first solo show was in 1967, at Galeria Goeldi. In the next year, at the event “Apocalipopótese”, organized by Hélio Oiticica, created the “Urnas Quentes”, work consisted in wood boxes with imagens and newspaper texts which the public should destroy. In the 19th Modern Art Salon, he registered the work “O Corpo é a Obra”, which was refused by the Jury. In resistance, the artist went down the stairs of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro naked.

André Komatsu was born in São Paulo, in 1978 and was a PIPA Finalist in 2011. His work rised in Brazilian art scenery around 10 years ago. His work is part of a generation of artists born in the late 70’s and early 80’s, who grew up with democracy resumed in Brazil. This background is important to comprehend the works by this artist, according to critic Luisa Duarte.

Berna Reale is from Belém do Pará, Brazil. PIPA Online 2012 winner, she was a Finalist in 2013. Working as a criminal expert from of the Scientific Skills Center of the state of Pará, Berna lives near to the most diverse social conflicts situations. In her work, the artist reflects the world and human vulnerability, having violence as her greater focus.


Luiz Camillo Osorio gave an exclusive interview to the Biennial’s website, in which he talks about the artists chosen to take part in the Brazilian Pavilion and the unity in the is works:

Watch the video:

Also dealing with the participation in Venice Biennial, Berna Reale gave an interview to Arterial channel, where she talks about the project “Eccoci! – Estamos aqui!” [“Eccoci! – We’re Here!”], in which the artist projects video works in residencial houses at Guardino di Vito Bon, in Cannaregio neighborhood.
Watch the interview (Subtitles in English):

“So much that it doesnt’t fit here”, with André Komatsu, Antonio Manuel and Berna Reale
Curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio | Assistant curator: Cauê Alves
Brazilian Pavilion at 56th Venice Biennial

Giardini Castello, Padiglione Brasile, 30122 Venice, Italy
On view through November 22nd

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