Antônia Dias Leite and Maria Laet take part in a group exhibition opening next week

(Geneva, Switzerland)

The gallery espace L holds from next week until January the group exhibition “Elles”, with works by 12 women artists, including Antônia Dias Leite and Maria Laet.

“Elles” presents the work of 12 women artists, with inspiration and influences generated from various places. This exhibition demonstrates how the individuality and identity of each of these artists are developed distinctly, based on different principles. The exhibition offers an oportunity for the public to create connexions between the art works and to break stereotypes regarding feminine art.
The triptych photographic title “Interior Movement No 4-6”, from Antonia Dias Leite suggests something that happens on the Inside, however it is the female bodies, naked, which are overlapped creating an almost abstract image by a color palette restricted to a skin color pink.
Maria Laet plays with the opposing symbology of materiality. The solidity of the stone in “Pedra Real (Real Stone)” contrasts with the malleability of the water. The stone leaves a mark on the ground, in the place where it once was. This mark, this trail, this memory is the water coming from the ground. There is a paradox between the physical structure of both water and stone, which questions the extent of the “real”.

Artists in this exhibition: Fabiana de Barros, Victoire Cathalan, Monica de Guingand, Maria Laet, Antonia Dias Leite, Gabriela Maciel, Sylvia Martins, Mila Mayer, Christina Oiticica, Catherine Rebois, Vivianne van Singer and Caroline Valansi

“Elles”, group exhibition with Antônia Dias Leite and Maria Laet
Opening: 7th November, at 11am
On view through 3rd January 2016

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