Tomorrow | Talk about “Mastro”, solo exhibition by Estela Sokol, with Taisa Palhares and Paulo Pasta

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Zipper Galeria holds the new solo exhibition by Estela Sokol, with a brand new set of six sculptures and three paintings in which she develops her search for the colour’s place in current arts. Curated by Taisa Palhares, the exhibition “Mastro” gathers together uncommon combinations of materials, such as plastic on canvas and paint on rocks.


The artist is most known for her sculptures and interventions on nature, in which fluorescent colours reverb. For this exhibition, she uses pieces in short scale and downgraded palette. The white of the rocks, their brightness or opacity, are highlighted, associated to discrete tonal gestures and shapes that suggest a dialogue with the atmosphere of our festivities in June. The strings, flags and balloons drawings can be intuited on the pieces that occupy the floor of the gallery. However, the nature of these aerial objects is subverted, their stone weight make them land and their brightness insist in remembering how high is their place.

In this exhibition’s paintings, the light also has a fundamental role. It reveals the chromatic potency of the paintings, made from the overlap of blades of different synthetic materials that lead to a lightened strength responsible for each colour that is presented. According to the curator , “the pieces and paintings of Estela Sokol, when recalling the plastic vocabulary of the Brazilian painter Alfredo Volpi, aim to update the constructive subtlety and lightness of the volpian colors and contemporary values. And the most surprising is that this happens because of the unusual combination of materials that remember the artisan world rather than the asepsis of industrial production”.

“Mastro”, solo exhibition by Estela Sokol
Curated by Taisa Palhares
On view through 17th October

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