Group exhibition “Arte e Ciência – nós entre os extremos” expands the public relation with Science through Art

(São Paulo, Brazil) 

Instituto Tomie Ohtake holds from next week until February the group exhibition “Arte e Ciência – nós entre os extremos”, curated by Paulo Miyada. The show proposes a new look at Art through Science eyes and expand the relationship between the viewers and Science through Art.


With 35 works by 16 artists, the exhibition aims putting the public’s thoughts in an abstract plan of the things that we know, but can’t capture with our senses. “This exhibition is an essay about how art can open paths for thinking a much wider universe (macro and micro) than what we usually realize”, explains the curator.

According to Paulo Miyada, if we think in a pragmatic way, we can learn what is a light year, but won’t learn this scale; we know that Grand Canyon was sculpted by the forces of nature, but it’s a slow action that we can’t monitor; we think in microbes and use numerous substances that intervene in our molecular balance, but we can’t see any of these actions happen. “Our thought is larger and more precise than our senses, and what art and other human activities make is to amplify the sensitive field, making possible the interaction along with dimensions, scales and complexities that objective knowledge can’t transport”, completes the curator.

“Arte e Ciência – nós entre os extremos”, group show with Daniel de Paula, Gisela Motta and Leandro Lima, Leticia Ramos, Marcelo Moscheta, Marcius Galan and Pontogor
Curated by Paulo Miyada
Opening: 26th November
On view through 14th February 2016
Free admission

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