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PIPA 2016 Nominees | 3rd Bulletin

This is the last bulletin being published today. Tomorrow at 10am we will re-initiate publishing the names of the nominees. Out of the five artists whose names have been stated in this bulletin, 2 are men and 3 are women. Only 1 artist participates in PIPA for the first time this year. The bulletins will be published until friday, at 10am, 2pm and 6pm. Follow the announcements exclusively on our websites.


PIPA 2016 Nominees | 2nd Bulletin

Meet the artists nominated to participate in PIPA 2016. They are invited to compete in the three categories of the Prize. In this bulletin we introduce 5 nominees, 3 of whom have already participated in previous editions of the Prize. Find out who they are and the list of artists who have been nominated so far.


PIPA 2016 Nominees | 1st Bulletin

This is the first bulletin announcing PIPA 2016 nominees. There will be 15 bulletins in total, during the five days of announcement. There will be three bulletins per day, from Monday to Friday (19th February), always at 10am, 2pm and 6pm.


On view | “O peso de cada um”, solo exhibition by Iole de Freitas

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The exhibition “O peso de cada um” presents a shift from the work that Iole de Freitas had been developing up to early 2014. The polycarbonate sheets that the artist used previously have been substituted by sheets of stainless steel, which are stronger but much more difficult to bend, requiring more intense twisting and precise engineering calculations, due to the material’s weight and stiffness.

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