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PIPA 2016 | View the complete list of nominated artists

76 artists were nominated to the seventh edition of PIPA Prize. They were chosen by at least one of the members of the Nominating Committee, composed of 30 Contemporary Art experts. Amongst the nominees, there are 43 artists who were nominated in previous editions and 5 of them were finalists. Read the full list.


PIPA 2016 Nominees | 14th Bulletin

Two more bulletins announcing the PIPA 2016 nominees will be published today. At 6pm, we will publish the complete list, with the 76 artists who were nominated to participate in the seventh edition of the Prize. In this bulletin you will meet 4 artists who are invited to participate in the Prize for the first time and one artist who has participated in last year’s edition.


PIPA 2016 Nominees | 13th Bulletin

This is the last day of announcing the artists nominated to participate in PIPA 2016. Three bulletins were published daily, from Monday to Friday at 10am, 2pm and 6pm. There will be two more bulletins being published today. In this bulletin you will meet 5 nominees, find out who they are.

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