“Abstração” gathers works by Carla Chaim, Ding Musa, Felipe Cama and Sandra Cinto

(Madrid, Spain)

Fernando Pradilla Gallery presents, from 18th February until 29th March, the group show “Abstração”, with works by 14 artists including Carla Chaim, Ding Musa, Felipe Cama and Sandra Cinto

abstração convite

The group exhibition “Abstração”, gathers works by 14 Brazilian artists and includes photographs, paintings, sculptures, objects, videos, drawings and watercolour painting. The show is articulated by themselves, defining the concept of the exhibition to choosing the works which will be exhibited. ‘Abstracao’ was born from meetings at Atelie Fidalgo, an exhibition conceived entirely for the space at the Fernando Pradilla Gallery in Madrid. The exhibition focuses on the reflection on the distinct possibilities of understanding/meaning the end of abstraction. Each artist developed a project to provide the dialogue and expand the concept of abstraction, having in mind the tradition and influence of this movement in contemporary art and especially in Brazilian art.

The artists participating in the exhibition are part of a group who attend Atelie Fidalga, a studio created 15 years ago by Albano Afonso and Sandra Cinto. The studio has developed from implementing workshops with practical classes to becoming a platform oriented towards a reflection on the creative artistic process.

Atelie Fidalga has been converted into a critical debate and cultural exchange space; a place where artists of different ages and professions (philosophy, architecture, communication, literature and visual arts) gather to focus on the artistic investigation field, approaching diverse artistic and cultural themes for discussion.

“Abstração”, group show with Albano Afonso, Ricardo Barcellos, Felipe Cama, Pedro Cappeletti, Carla Chaim, Sandra Cinto, Renata Cruz, Julia Kater, Víctor Leguy, Ding Musa, Carlos Nunes, Mauro Piva, Aline Van Langendonck and Bettina Vaz Guimarães.
On view through 29th March

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