“Jogo de forças” gathers works by Clara Ianni, Deyson Gilbert and Regina Parra

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The gallery Paço das Artes showcases until 27th March the group show “Jogo de Forças”, curated by Philipe F. Augusto with works of eight artists, including Clara Ianni, Deyson Gilbert and Regina Parra.

Temporada 2016

The exhibition reflects upon the relations of force or relations of power in society by means in the belief in a ‘device-work’. According to the Curator, this concept is revealed through the works of artists who compose this show. In the exhibition space, works by Alexandre Colchete, Clara Ianni, Deyson Gilbert, Dias & Riedweg, Jaime Lauriano, Lucas Simoes and Regina Parra relate to each other by creating a force field. “The artwork functions as a catalyst of a political experience as the artist operates in the sphere of the real and transgresses a delimited space of a psicosocial and institutional plan, creating strategies to transform domesticated actions inside a shareable space.

“Jogo de Forças”, group show with Clara Ianni, Deyson Gilbert and Regina Parra
Curated by de Philipe F. Augusto
On view through 27th March
Free Admission

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