Opening | “Galeria Transparente: Showroom”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal holds until April the group exhibition “Galeria Transparente: Showroom”, with works by Marco Antonio Portela. The show is curated by Frederico Dalton and the performances are curated by Clarisse Tarran.

The exhibition proposes an experience about the role of Cultural Centres in times where Internet also works as an art production and diffusion platform. 25 artists present works related to their projects for Galeria Transparente. During the exhibition, performances will search for “presence and materiality”, and emphasize the hybrid nature of the Gallery: between virtual and corporeal, imaginary and real, always focusing on the value of urban spaces.

“Galeria Transparente: Showroom” includes artwork by Alexandre Monteiro, Ana Biolchini, Ana Prado, André Barroso, Andréa Facchini, Bob N, Chang Chi Chai, Duo2x4, Eduardo Mariz, Fernanda Junqueira, Frederico Dalton, Helena Wassersten, Heleno Bernardi, Lia do Rio, Lígia Teixeira, Marco Antonio Portela, Mauricio Ruiz, Mischa Kuball, Monica Mansur, Nice França, Regina Vater, Sandra Schechtman, Simone Michelin, Sonia Wysard, Tchello d’Barros and Valéria Costa Pinto.

“Galeria Transparente: Showroom”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela
Curated by Frederico Dalton | Performances curated by Clarisse Terran
Opening: 3rd March
Performances on Saturdays during the month at 4pm
On view through 24th April

Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal
Av. Rio Branco, 241 – Centro
Visiting: Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 7pm
T: +55 21 3261-2565

*Featured image: “Pee”, by Marco Antonio Portela

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