“Captain’s Diary”, solo show by Wagner Malta Tavares

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

From 31th March to 21th May, Wagner Malta Tavares presents his solo exhibition “Captain’s Diary” at Cavalo Gallery.

Convite Diário do Capitão

Highlights of the exhibition, “Sonda” its a record player made of aluminium which a silver disk plays in infinite looping a soundtrack made out of decoded magnetic waves from sideral space taken from the internet. The sounds reproduced are the galaxy background, the sun and planets from the solar system, the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. “I prefer people to draw their own conclusions about the exhibition. As the title itself states, its the ‘Captain’s diary’. The elements to understanding and enjoyment are given on the work itself, on its presence and relationship. An exhibition is always telling you something, you just need to be willing to hear”, says the artist.

During the exhibition will be presented 10 vinyl records, made individually with different covers that reminds the concept of a greek labyrinth, but with a concrete and constructive strong reference. On the opening night two assistants wore clothes designed by the artist and helped the public to handle the clothes. “They’ll act as mediators. Although they won’t speak”, explains Wagner Malta Tavares. The photograph “Torre – Ground Control”, 160x120cm, a group of thermal monotypes: papers recorded with the heat of electrical resistance and a big sculpture titled “Estudo Para Coluna De Vento”, are included in the show.

“Captain’s diary”, de Wagner Malta Tavares
Opening: 31th March  2016, 6pm to 10pm
On view through 31th March- 21th May 2016

Cavalo Gallery
Sorocaba Street, 51 – Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
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