Interview with Pipa 2016 Nominated Artists | Meet Alexandre Mury

In every edition of the Prize, the participating artists are invited to record exclusive video interviews, an opportunity for artists to voice their ideas, talk about their creative processes and careers. The video interviews are produced by Matrioska Filmes. This week, we released an interview with Alexandre Mury, who is a Pipa nominee for the first time.

Alexandre Mury

By dedicating himself to both the recreation of pre existent works as well as to representations with no fixed references of figures from within the cultural imaginary – Mury’s work, whilst narrow and hugely free, opens up a dialogue around the history of art – Taking control over the entire creative process: from costume and set design up to the camera angle, he obtains a unique place in the contemporary scene among artists who use their own image as the strongest element of creation.

“Do I do photography? I don’t know, I think I’m more of a sculptor than a photographer. The language of photography is very important to me, as I relate to it”, states the artist. Mury also presents the project “Orixás”, which made him spend two months in Salvador.

Watch the video:

Access  the artist’s page to learn more about his career.

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