PIPA Online 2015 winner talks about her residency at Sacatar Institute | Watch the video

Luciana Magno, winner of PIPA Online 2015, is currently participating in an artistic residency programme at Sacatar Institute, in Bahia, Brazil, for a period of two months, as part of winning this category of the Prize.

In this exclusive video interview, the artist shows the Institute space in Itaparica Island, Salvador, Bahia.
Born in Belém do Pará, she tells that this was her first institutional residency and speaks about the other current residents, all foreign women.

Magno tells how Macunaíma’s myth inspired her to use her hair as part of a new work: “my idea is that this hammock stays in my hair, as if hanging, as an extension of my body”, states the artist. In addition to her hair and the bobbin technique, she also intends to use weaving to make the hammock.

Watch the video:

Access the artist’s page to learn more about her career.

Sacatar Institute

PIPA and Sacatar Institute’s partnership began in 2014, where the winner of PIPA Online would undertake an artistic residency at the Institute as part of winning this category of the award. Sacatar Institute manages a residency programme open to artists from all nationalities at Ilha de Itaparica, located in the Baía de Todos os Santos, on the metropolitan area of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Sacatar Institute’s goal is to provide artists a place to live and create, generate opportunities for artists to interact and collaborate with local and regional community, enhance the visibility and cultural impact of the host city and nation, and encourage art that returns us to where art began — to a wordless silence before all of creation.

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