Daily Archives: May 6, 2016


Paloma Bosquê partipates in the group show “Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist”

(New York, USA) Burle Marx was an early practitioner of a contemporary way of working: crossing genres fluidly, integrating art with political concerns such as ecology, and disregarding the traditional separation of fields of practice. It is therefore no surprise that artists of today find him a fruitful source of inspiration. In this exhibition, seven artists with ties to Latin America, all born after 1950, provide a sampling of his influence.


Frederico Filippi presents his new solo exhibition “The Sun, the albino crocodile and other mutations”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “What matters is that there is no explanation, there is no justification that can give account of all this impossibility that is so obvious to us. Mutation, hybridism, the harmonic contradiction and random combination that allows us to be (and not see) in his work the error of understanding—to perceive the relationship between culture and nature in a silent way without any reaction, is the best response to what we are already given, offered without request, with no desire whatsoever.”


Paulo Nimer Pjota presents his first solo exhibition in the UK

(London, UK) Large un-stretched canvas’ and sheets of found metal along with cast objects are used to create works that incorporate detailed renderings of plants, vases, isolated words, cartoon and historical characters. The imagery and storytelling in his works in part derives from his earlier life experience as a graffiti artist on the streets of São Paulo and his interest in music, history, philosophy and symbology.

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