Frederico Filippi presents his new solo exhibition “The Sun, the albino crocodile and other mutations”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Athena Contemporânea Gallery presents, from 28th April until 28th May, the solo show by Frederico Filippi: “The Sun, the albino crocodile and other mutations”.

Frederico Filippi - Demarcação

””””””””””””””””””These are invisible connections that his work contains but does not present. It is in itself the invisibility of unexplained relationships, of culture and nature being blended to the point of our approaching together a certain understanding that is not clear, but darkly illuminates the closeness that we can have to incomprehension.

………… rotation continues in itself and around what moves us, the harmonic contradiction between language and world, between painting and the radicalism of a writing that does not interest its reader………………..

If development does not mean an evolution at all, but just a simple selfish desire to have it, if a method of realization generates only the destruction of the destroyer, kills his theme and removes the desire that he only desires, nothing can be genuine, only what is invisible can be.

What matters is that there is no explanation, there is no justification that can give account of all this impossibility that is so obvious to us. Mutation, hybridism, the harmonic contradiction and random combination that allows us to be (and not see) in his work the error of understanding—to perceive the relationship between culture and nature in a silent way without any reaction, is the best response to what we are already given, offered without request, with no desire whatsoever.

What we need to say is you don’t know how to paint. It’s that you don’t know how to sculpt, you don’t draw, it’s that you withhold everything, but in everything you are creating yourself without realizing it, it exists partially in you who touch, and this changes into painters, sculptors, drawers, strange and incredibly obscure, intriguing.

Representativeness kills all inventiveness, we know, that the new metaphor of the world is the literalness of exaggerated events, both in quantity and in fact, we are seeing, but to understand how it all proceeds invisibly is not necessarily to change things, but hold them in their most beautiful perspective. Just recognize them.

Positivism is to reverse the negative pole, negativism is to remain positive. So that a release never exists to deal with you, because in you, and what you put in the world, is not justified or presented. Thus we keep what is invisible invisibly in our actions.

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“The Sun, the albino crocodile and other mutations”, solo show by Frederico Filippi
Opening: 28th April
On view through 28th May

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