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PIPA spoke to the researcher and art sociologist, Ana Leticia Fialho, with the artist Bruno Moreschi, who is in Finland researching European historical museums for his doctorate thesis and with the journalist and communications consultant for museums, Luis Marcelo Mendes about museums in Brazil and all over the world, the relationship with the public and different strategies to fully occupy exhibition rooms.

Ana Letícia Fialho highlights the increased visibility of the visual and contemporary art in recent years and believes that, in order to attract a greater public to museums it is necessary to rethink opening hours, create evening programmes and spaces to rest. Luis Marcelo Mendes debates that people are interested in cultural experiences, and it is necessary that the museum understands this demand, and provides an enabling environment for this interaction to occur. Bruno Moreschi talks about his concern of” the general public experience in museums, noting the need to think what the museum system is, what is a work of art is and how to have a critical sense in order to pursue this analysis.

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