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Interview with the Curator Luiza Teixeira de Freitas | Featured videos

PIPA featured videos series was created in 2011, with the intent to promote and contribute to the debate and reflection on contemporary art. The idea for the series came along the first years of the Prize, from themes that were brought up during interviews with the nominated artists since 2010. In this exclusive interview, produced by Matrioska Filmes for PIPA, we spoke to the independent curator Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, member of PIPA 2016 Nominating Committee.


Interview with Pipa 2016 Nominated Artists | Meet Carla Chaim and Guto Lacaz

This week, we released two interviews with Pipa 2016 nominated artists: Carla Chaim and Guto Lacaz. Chaim talks about her video performances and the influence of her History of Art course in her work. Lacaz talks about his passion in learning new techniques and discusses his greatest adventure: a work made in 1989 called “Auditorium for Sensitive issues”.


Leticia Ramos presents the video series “VOSTOK”

(Monaco, France) “The video is inspired by a Russian research base situated in Antarctica above the subaquatic lake of the same name. At this base, drilling going down to almost 4 km (2.5 miles) has made it possible to remove samples taken from the previous ice age. The audiovisual version presented in the Video Room proposes a fictitious journey in this prehistoric lake, and conjures up landscapes submerged in its depths, as if lost in time.”

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