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Interview with Pipa 2016 Nominated Artists | Meet Ayrson Heráclito and Luiza Baldan

This week, we released two interviews with Pipa 2016 nominated artists: Ayrson Heráclito and Luiza Baldan (who is a PIPA 2016 finalist). Heráclito, who is a PIPA nominee for the third time, talks about what he understands as art and his work, which in recent times have had an artistic and at the same time religious bias. Luiza Baldan talks about the displacement issue and the importance of the text in her works. Watch these exclusive interviews for PIPA Prize.


“DearMeatCutsDevilMayCry”, Adriano Costa’s 1st solo show in the USA

“DearMeatCutsDevilMayCry”, Adriano Costa’s first solo show in the United States will feature works made using a wide range of processes, and includes paintings, works on paper, and a diversity of sculptures. The exhibition will reflect the booming and broken dream-state that is Los Angeles, the political and economic disasters facing Brazil at a moment when it is very much on the world stage, and the perennially decaying cornucopia of information that is the Internet.

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