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PIPA Online 2016 has 10 artists participating on the second round | Voting begins next Sunday

The 10 artists classified for the second round were nominated for PIPA Prize for the first time in this edition. Five of them are men and the other five women, their ages vary between 27 and 52 years and they are based in the North, Northeast and Southeast regions of the country. This year, for the first time in PIPA’s history, 3 indigenous artists were nominated. The 3 of them were classified for the second round, and one of them was the most voted artist in the first round.


“Brasil, Beleza?!” offers a colorful insight into the vast land of Brazil through a selection of works

(The Hague, Netherlands) By employing various materials, forms and concepts, artists in the show discuss the fragility of a nation in constant flux, that perhaps now more than ever is being examined in the public eye as we continue to click away on our social media apps. Ultimately the exhibition makes a connection between the current economic and political instability, the preservation of modernism, and the beauty that characterize this country.


Marcius Galan participates in the group show “De lo espiritual en el arte”

(Medellín, Colombia) This exhibition was conceived as an overture, with a strategy to reach different paths of this immense and multiple universe which is eternally being built. From there onwards, the contemporary artists, whose works represent paths of exploration, necessary for comprehending what has been open to the present, share these great rooms with masters of the History of Art, who have influenced them directly or indirectly, either as pillars of their visual grammar or as interpreters who cover the world to which they belong and their continuously contribution towards discovery.

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