1st round of PIPA Online ends this Sunday | View the voting so far

The first round of PIPA Online 2016 voting will end this Sunday. The second round will take place from July 31st until August 7th.

To see the complete list of participating artists and vote for your favourite, click here.

The votes will be reset after the 1st round and will resume at the beginning of the 2nd round. You can vote for as many artists you want, but only one vote can be given per artist. In order to vote you should have an active Facebook account. For more information on how to vote, watch the step-by-step tutorial video.

There is a total of 63 artists participating, and you can vote for how many artists you want. View the complete list of participating artists and vote on your favourite. They are competing for the prizes of R$10 thousand and R$5 thousand respectively.
(Votes calculated at 10pm (GMT), July 22nd).

Jaider Esbell – 1419 – classified for the 2nd round 
Arissana Pataxó – 968 – classified for the 2nd round 
Alexandre Mury – 688 – classified for the 2nd round 
Matias Mesquita – 666 – classified for the 2nd round 
Isaías Sales – 611 – classified for the 2nd round 
Moisés Patrício – 567 – classified for the 2nd round 
Adriana Vignoli – 523 – classified for the 2nd round 
Leandra Espirito Santo – 368
Ingrid Bittar – 357
Naiana Magalhães – 248
Julia Milward – 190
Alexandre Navarro Moreira – 188
Jaime Lauriano – 142
Marcelo Coutinho – 139<a
Guilherme Peters – 135
Marlon de Azambuja – 130
Carla Chaim – 128
Danielle Fonseca – 109

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