Interview with PIPA 2016 Nominated Artists | Meet Chiara Banfi

In every edition of the Prize, the participating artists are invited to record exclusive video interviews, an opportunity for artists to voice their ideas, talk about their creative processes and careers. The video interviews are produced by Matrioska Filmes. This week, we released an interview with Chiara Banfi, who is a Pipa nominee for the first time.

Chiara Banfi

Chiara Banfi talks about her works that dialogue with music and sound. She says that many of her artworks are directly related to music, including “Sunburst” which refers to a technique used in the painting of musical instruments such as guitars, electric guitars and basses. In this work, Banfi presents a series of paintings on wood in large format, incorporating this technique.

View some of the artist’s works

Access the artist’s page to learn more about her career.

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