Leticia Ramos presents the video series “VOSTOK”

(Monaco, France)

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco presents, from 15th June to 28th August, the video serie “VOSTOK” by the artist Leticia Ramos.


Leticia Ramos is involved in a large research project within which she is devising ramifying fictions which become formalized in her photographs, films and installations. Her works are part of apparatuses designed to capture and reconstitute environments, be they urban or natural. With a particular interest in science-fiction, the dark areas of the globe studied by man, and laws which govern the world, she mixes the scientific with the imaginary, and the documentary with the fictional, in complex “geographical narratives”. The atmospheres which result from the ERBF, BITÁCORA and VOSTOK series refer to the mysterious explorations of scientific novels.

VOSTOK is inspired by a Russian research base situated in Antarctica above the subaquatic lake of the same name. At this base, drilling going down to almost 4 km (2.5 miles) has made it possible to remove samples taken from the previous ice age. In 2012, in residence at PIVÔ in São Paulo, the artist designed and exhibited an artificial décor using a projection screen, a small swimming pool, an aquarium and a model of a submarine. The sound track is taken from a performance produced in collaboration with the artistLucia Koch and the composer and conductor Rossano Snel; in the end the project gave rise to an artist’s book, a vinyl disk and a film. The audiovisual version presented in the Video Room proposes a fictitious journey in this prehistoric lake, and conjures up landscapes submerged in its depths, as if lost in time.

Watch the video teaser “VOSTOK”:

“VOSTOK”, by Leticia Ramos
Opening: 15th June
On view through 28th August

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