Mariannita Luzzati presents painting, drawing and video works in a solo exhibition

(Brussels, Belgium)

Embassy of Brazil in Belgium presents, from 9th June to 26th August, the solo show by artist Mariannita Luzzati. The exhibition is curated by Cristina Barros-Greindl.


This exhibition is dedicated to her most recent works in painting, drawing and video, always inspired by her interest in landscapes or by the elementary form that it can be associated with: idyllic and contemplative.

There is no trace of technological progress and neither construction or human interference in these scenes. In the pictorial point of view we recognize mountainous profiles and human figures that could easily be mountains in human form. Mariannita removed from her works all the urban scene information and gives a contemplative meaning to the landscape.

“In 2010 during a visit I made in the state of Espirito Santo, specifically in the cities of Vitoria and Vila Velha, I began to feel the need to withdraw from my sketches, drawings or studies for my paintings, urban elements that, in my point of view, disrupted the landscape so it returns to its natural state, without any human interference. Since then my work is dedicated to this theme. These images suggest contemplation to the viewers and led them to think over the emptiness and silence we have nowadays”, says the artist.

In her paintings there are an integration of the subject in the background. The artist blurs the plans and create a fusion between the elements of the scene. She seeks to eliminate contours obtained in form types more fluid and less fixed. Her current palette is composed by cold colours, unlike her earlier works in which colors were more vibrant.

Although Mariannita usually produces large works, she recently returned to works with a smaller format. In this exhibition we’ll see a set of drawings that aren’t, as we might initially think, studies for paintings but actually affirm their autonomy. “Drawing is a purification of painting” as the artist says.

Solo show by artist Mariannita Luzzati
Curated by Cristina Barros-Greindl
Opening: 9th June
On view through: 26th August

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