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Meet the winner and second place runner of PIPA Online 2016

PIPA Online 2016 winner was Jaider Esbell, who received 3789 votes at the end of the 2nd round and will be awarded with R$10 thousand. Arissana Pataxó, won in second place, the artist received 3686 votes and will be awarded R$5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute)


“The Spectacles, the absurd and helplessness in contemporary art” – read the critical text by Luiz Camillo Osorio

Luiz Camillo Osorio the curator of the PIPA Institute, PIPA’s founder and Board Member writes: “A risk of absurdity always attends the willingness to surrender oneself to the spell of any mere object: the dirtied swatch of cloth that is a painting, for example. It’s a game, whatever else it is, which makes sense only with knowledge of the rules and customs that are in play.”

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