Artist in Residence | Watch the exclusive interview with Virginia de Medeiros

Virginia de Medeiros was the winner of PIPA 2015 and, as part of the award, she attended an artistic residency programme for 3 months at Residency Unlimited, New York. PIPA followed her residency through a series of video interviews in which Medeiros talks about her experiences during her stay at Residency Unlimited and the projects she intends to develop during this period.

In her second video-interview, Virginia de Medeiros answers the question: “How do you choose the main theme for your works?”, and the artist talks about her will to unbuilt the stereotypes and the femininity. In this new interview for her third video, Virginia tells us that she was willing to focus in the male trans in her works, but soon she decided to amplify her project’s area. In New York, she has been to the “Houses Ballroom”, a community from the city’s underground scene, formed by latinos and black people that use the expression of their bodies and dance as a way of resistance. Soon, in this place, Virginia felt welcomed, even in another country. Also, she has noticed the power of the body’s vibration as a way of integration. The performance in that strong dance battle made the artist explore herself and question her subjectivity.

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