Meet the winner and second place runner of PIPA Online 2016

The online category of PIPA happened in two rounds. The 1st was from 17th until 24th July. The 2nd was from 31st July until August 7th. The artists participating in the 2nd round were those who received a minimum of 500 votes during the 1st round. Out of the 63 participating artists, 10 were classified for the 2nd round.

Almost 10,700 votes, distributed amongst the 10 participating artists, were calculated during the 2nd round.

PIPA Online 2016 winner was Jaider Esbell, who received 3789 votes at the end of the 2nd round and will be awarded with R$10 thousand. Arissana Pataxó, won in second place, the artist received 3686  votes and will be awarded R$5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute)

The following artists were also competing at the 2nd round Matias Mesquita (922), Alexandre Mury (627), Moisés Patrício (461), Naiana Magalhães (431), Isaías Sales (286), Ingrid Bittar (233), Adriana Vignoli (221) and Leandra Espírito Santo  (176).

Jaider Esbell (Normandia, RR, 1979)

Esbell retakes his work with acrylic painting, in an autodidact manner. His literature and artworks, including poetry, photography and videos, have taken him to an avant-garde position in the state. Jaider is much more compromised with the sensitive meaning of his work than the economical return, and wants to take his culture to other parts of Brazil through art. Still, he has been carrying out activities as a cultural producer, art educator and lecturer in art, literature and environment management and sustainable development.

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Arissana Pataxó (Porto Seguro, BA, 1983)

The visual artist, from the Pataxó ethnicity, develops her artistic production, in various techniques, by approaching the indigenous thematic as part of the contemporary world. Arissana enrolled in a Fine Arts Course at the School of Fine Arts- Federal University of Bahia in 2005 and completed her degree in 2009, developing alongside her studies, extensive activities and educational programmes with the Pataxó tribe; workshops and the production of educational material.

In 2007, Arissana had her first solo exhibition “Sob o olhar Pataxo” at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, UFBA, Salvador, Bahia. Since then, she has engaged in the artistic world by participating in several exhibitions, such as the Regional Visual Arts Salon of Porto Seguro (Bahia) in 2009.

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About PIPA Online

PIPA Online is the category of the Prize in which all participating artists of this current edition are invited to participate. Participation is no mandatory. The winner is defined by the number of votes received on his/hers page, here on the website. The main objective is to support and promote all nominees and Brazilian contemporary art through the internet.

PIPA Online Regulation

PIPA Online occurs in two shifts, lasting eight days each, always from Sunday to Sunday. During this period, website visitors should access the pages of the participating artists in order to vote. The votes are reset at the counting starts again at the beginning of the 2nd round. Only the artists who receive a minimum of 500 votes on the 1st round will move on to the 2nd round.

The winner will receive R$ 10 thousand. The artist with the second highest number of votes will receive R$ 5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute).

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