“O Abuso da História”, individual show by Hector Zamora

(Caracas, Venezuela)

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia has been presenting, since 30th July, the individual show “O Abuso da História” by Hector Zamora. The exhibition is curated by Kelly Gordon.

Can the world change in two minutes? “O Abuso da História” by Hector Zamora reveals an artistic performance that provides the same sensation from a spontaneous protest.

“O Abuso da História” was shooted at an inner courtyard from “Hospital Matarazzo” in São Paulo, an old building in colonial style that was almost demolished and replaced by a comercial centre. The video was conceived not only as a memory of a live performance, but also as a piece of independent art and documentation. The many points of views in the camera movement, used in the video, make us able to observe different aspects from the same scene.

Global Visions: A project by “Backroom Caracas” that includes art and moving image. The curator, Kelly Gordon, has been suported by the Office of Public Deals from the United States’ embassy, in colaboration with the Muse de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia, the Centre of Arts from Galpones, the “Hacienda la Trinidad Parque Cultural”, and, in this case, the “Luciana Brito” gallery from São Paulo and the collector Manuel de Santaren.

“O Abuso da História Hector Zamora”, individual show by Hector Zamora.
Curated by Kelly Gordon
Opening: 30th July
On view through 30th September

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