“Indelével”, group show at Villa Aymoré with Virginia de Medeiros

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The group exhibition “INDELÉVEL” will inaugurate next Thursday, September 29th, at Arte Clube Jacaranda space in Villa Aymoré. The exhibition, curated by Vicente de Mello, will showcase works by Iole de Freitas, Janaina Tschape, Lenora de Barros, Maria Laet and the PIPA Prize 2015 winner, Virginia de Medeiros. 

Indelével presents a reading of the works of 5 female artists. The exhibition aligns the poetics and productive processes that deal with personal narratives, resulting in a timeless interrelation that unites them.  The works leads us to a touching and sublime universe where the images produced by the artists relate between meta-photography, the perceptions of image, fleeting memory, the forbidden unconscious and explicit violence.

Indelével proposes to the viewer a different way in which each separate work, is a reference point to a crossed game between all of them, as a diagram, where ideas come to mind and its fittings create a real body of meaning, even if as a result of conditions that seem odd,” comments the Curator of the exhibition, Vicente de Mello, “and this matrix is what lies within, intuitively, also true to Arte Clube Jacaranda”, he completes.

In total, 25 works in different media will be shown, including photography, prints, videos, works from different periods, but with a strong intention of striking the visitor’s memory, of what is being implicitly told, what is unseen to the naked eye but confronts the viewer without fear.

 Arte Clube Jacaranda, is located at Villa Aymoré, a historical heritage, in Gloria. of a complex of houses built in the 19th century that were recently restored.

“Indelével”, group show with Iole de Freitas, Janaina Tschape, Lenora de Barros, Maria Laet and Virginia de Medeiros
Curated by Vicente de Mello
Opening: September 29th, at 7pm



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