“Bárbara Barroco” solo exhibition by Thiago Martins de Melo in Guadalajara

(Guadalajara, Mexico)

Thiago Martins de Mello, PIPA 2014 finalist and PIPA 2016 nominee, presents his first solo exhibition in Mexico, “Bárbara Barroco”. The show also marks the artist’s first incursion in cinematography. The exhibition is an extension and development of the project “Bárbara Balaclava”, which initiated earlier this year in Brazil. Before arriving in Guadalajara, Martins de Melo was at an artistic residency programme in Oaxaca at PAOS gdl, where he was in immediate contact with the indigenous culture of the state.

“Bárbara Barroco” opened to the public on October 13th, at Gamma Galería. The film “Bárbara Balaclava”, a development which emerged from the project, is presented simultaneously to the exhibition at Museo de Arte de Zapopan. The visual narrative marks Martins de Melo’s transition from his visual imagination to the big screen. Composed of 4,000 paintings, this stop motion animation is a time travel which presents a sequence guided by the effects of colonization and the abuses of capitalism.

The main character is symbolic heroine, who adopts three different forms throughout the short film: the slave man, the woman defeated by the occupation of their lands and an androgynous being, that acts as a transitory spirit for the oppressed with thirst for revenge. Whilst the composition unfolds before the viewer, the narrative manages to convey a story that transcends borders and ideologies and focuses on the symbolic spirit of rebellion, building an imaginary bridge between the countries conquered by European colonization.

“Bárbara Balaclava” was first presented at Mendes Wood DM in March 2016, in São Paulo, Brazil



“Bárbara Barroco”, solo exhibition by Thiago Martins de Mello
Opening: October 13th

Gamma Galería
Calle Colonias 82 Colonia Americana, 44160
Guadalajara, Mexico
Working hours: Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 6pm

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