PIPA and Camden Sentido – Ronald Duarte and Vijai Patchineelam

PIPA Institute, in partnership with Camden Sentido, will be exhibiting an online screening programme, curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, themed ‘Brazil, one country, many worlds’. Ten artists were selected and their works are going to be featured in pairs, in accordance to the same topic, as described below by Camillo. The screenings, exclusive to our website, will be on view throughout the months of June to October.

The fifth and last screening will feature the works “Fogo Cruzado” by Ronald Duarte and “Akinesia”, by Vijai Patchineelam. 


‘Brazil ­one country, many worlds’

The issue of a Brazilian identity is a very problematic one. From colonialism to postmodernism what has been Brazil’s main features is its diversity and its adversity. It is a continental country mixing mega­cities as São Paulo with a gigantic forest as the Amazon. There co­exists, in conflict and tension, many different religions, ethnicities, skin colours, cultural backgrounds. In this critical moment, where the social, economical and political crisis has grown, it is up for artists to be the voice of resistance, bringing to the fore our diverse adversity. For curatorial objectivity, there were selected four topics (under the main idea of one country, many worlds / diversity, adversity) with a selection of two artists in each of them: 1 post­coloniality and altermodernity ; 2 ­ religion and politics; 3­ tropicalism and gender; 4 ­ social conflict and class issues in a fractured society. ­


Ronald Duarte, “Fogo Cruzado”, 2010. Duration: 3’43”.

Vijai Patchineelam, “Akinesia”, 2015. Duration: 09’55”

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Introduction by Luiz Camillo Osorio.

Vijai Patchineelam’s video “Akinesia” and Ronald Duarte’s “Fogo Cruzado” [Crossfire] are the last videos to be screened in PIPA’s programme in partnership with Camden Sentido festival. Two carioca [Rio born] artists whose works are born from the urban intensity of social conflicts that targets life in Rio de Janeiro. Both make this reality a visual event. In “Akinesia” the rapid juxtaposition of images attack the perception as if our eyes were rapidly shifting and the noisy scene scratching the retina. Nothing stabilizes, there is no time to see, everything is shown at a glance. It is still within the vertigo in which life is played. The same drive is present in Ronald Duarte’s video performance. Executed in the early hours of the carioca neighborhood of Santa Teresa, the fire trail in the tram tracks puts into play the inadmissible of daily life of a triggered city – where life is worth little, especially that of the poorest and excluded. The transgression of the inadmissible is the ability to transform it into a celebration of life. The musical performance of the collective Hapax is the vital part of the aesthetic and political potential of the film. The pulse of death and the pulse of life mix and the consequences are immense – it is here that anything can happen. “Akinenisa” and “Fogo Cruzado” produce, with their images, the shock that removes us from a paralyzing lethargy.

Luiz Camillo Osorio (Curator of PIPA Institute, former Chief ­Curator of MAM-­Rio and Director of the Philosophy Department at PUC-­Rio).


Ronald Duarte is a visual action artist. He has a Master’s in Visual Languages from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He works specifically with urban urgency–what needs to be done, said, exposed, and viewed, or the “here and now”.

Vijai Patchineelam recently concluded a yearlong research project at the Jan van Eyck Academie in the Netherlands. His solo exhibitions include “Resistir o passado, ignorar o futuro e a incapacidade de conter o presente” at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (2015), “Wild Attacks of Cynicism at Ignacio Liprandi Gallery, Buenos Aires (2013), and “Cut Corner” at Seven Art Gallery, New Delhi (2013). He has participated in group shows such as Southern Panoramas at the 18th Festival Videobrasil, São Paulo (2013), and “Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition (Episodes 1 and 2)” at the Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi (2012).


PIPA Institute in partnership with Camden Sentido will be exhibiting a curated online screening programme, exclusive to our website, throughout the months of June to October. View the complete release schedule.

Camden Sentido is an annual arts programme hosted by the Borough of Camden (London, UK). To coincide with the 2016 Rio Para/Olympics and the São Paulo Art Biennale, this year Camden will highlight all things Brazil. Camden Market will be home to a central programme which includes performances, gigs, talks, exhibitions and workshops by partners including Central Saint Martin’s, Wembley to Soweto Foundation, Mais Um Disco, Walls on Walls, Argent and Camden Tour Guides. Camden Sentido will also produce projects in partnership with Roundhouse, Latitude, PIPA and Frieze London.

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