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Cadu in conversation with Luiz Camillo Osorio

Cadu, PIPA Prize 2013 winner, takes his proposals to the extreme. Known for his unconventional methods, his practice deals with the creation of systems: machines, installations, paintings, drawings and sculptures, often incorporating elements of nature and, while pushing the boundaries between man and landscape, involving his own personal experiences. In this exclusive talk with the Curator of PIPA Institute, Luiz Camillo Osorio, the artist discusses his creative process, influences, techniques, motivations and Cadu’s most recent projects.


Arjan Martins and Luiz Camillo Osorio talk about “Painting after the end of art”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Next Wednesday, November 23rd, PIPA Institute Curator Luiz Camillo Osorio talks to Arjan Martins, four times PIPA Prize nominee, in the panel “Painting after the end of art”, at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts. The theme of afro-Brazilian identity permeates most of Arjan’s work, and his latest solo exhibition, “Et cetera”, is no exception to that. Curated by Michael Asbury, member of the PIPA Prize Nominating Comitee this year, the show explores colonial power relationships from the perspective of Brazilian and African history.


“A Song For Rio” inaugurates a new art space in the city

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The Fortes Vilaça Gallery opens, this Sunday, November 20th, a new independent space in Rio de Janeiro, “Carpintaria”. The opening exhibition, “A song for Rio”, curated by Douglas Fogles and Hanneke Skerat, is divided in two parts—the second one opens in February—and features over twenty national and international artists. Amongst them, there are five PIPA Prize nominees: Arto Lindsay, Bárbara Wagner, Domenico Lancellotti, Sara Ramo and Vivian Caccuri.


“Wasp and Orchid”, a group show with nine Brazilian artists

(Berlin, Germany) The group show “Wasp and Orchid” opens tomorrow and features four artists related to PIPA Prize: Jonathas de Andrade, finalist in 2011; Luciana Magno, PIPA Online winner in 2015; and Armando Queiroz and Carlos Mélo, both nominated to the Prize. The exhibition is one of the stages of a project where Brazilian artists from Belém, Fortaleza and Recife – located in the North and Northeast of Brazil, considered the country’s poorest regions – and from Berlin, Germany, enter in conversation.


Clara Ianni participates in “Living On | In Other Words of Living”

(Vienna, Austria) PIPA Prize 2016 finalist Clara Ianni participates in the exhibition “Living on | In Other Words on Living?”. The show, which is based on the idea of “an apocalypse announced long ago that cannot come about”, is presented in three chapters and explores this thematic field from the point of view of critical Anthropology, highlighting the economic, social and historical aspects of narratives on the end of the world. How do experiences, images, and human beings live on at the end of a history felt to be the end of time?


“ALLOY ALLOY”, Adriano Amaral’s first institutional solo exhibition

(Bielefeld, Germany) In his first institutional solo exhibition, PIPA 2015 nominee Adriano Amaral presents exclusive new works, which search for unexpected connections between humans, materials and architecture. The entire ground floor of Bielefelder Kunstverein becomes an obstacle course made up of rather smaller sculptures, architectural interventions and changes in the space itself. Materials and objects like shoes, bones, oxygen cylinders, silicone, amongst others, constitute a formal point of departure for the show, in an artistic practice marked by the usage of things from the artist’s immediate surroundings.

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