Featured Video | “Thinking About Art”

An alternative to verbal communication. A means of expressing the unconscious. A parable. Those were some of the metaphors used to think about art and its making by Luiz Camillo Osorio, Curator and Board Member of PIPA Institute and Head of the Philosophy Department at PUC-Rio, Cadu, PIPA Prize 2013 winner and Nominating Committee Member, and artist Martha Pires Ferreira, Visual Arts Coordinator at Casa das Palmeiras, a mental rehabilitation centre idealized by Nise de Silveira whose goal is to incorporate artistic expression in the treatment of psychiatric patients.

What does it mean to think the artistic universe? What goes through the artist’s head while making an artwork? Is there a logic behind it, or is all artistic production entirely dependent on inspiration? Is an intellectual discourse necessary for a work of art to sustain itself? Do artworks need to be intelligible? The questions, first formulated by Marta Mestre, Curator of Inhotim Institute, in an interview for the 2015 edition of the Prize, are discussed in this PIPA Prize exclusive video.

The points of view of Luiz Camillo Osorio, Cadu and Martha Pires Ferreira may offer more questions than answers. They do, however, help illuminate and broaden the discussion of the importance of art as a means of expression.

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