Rosângela Rennó presents her new solo show, “Espírito de tudo”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The work of Rosângela Rennó is often based on the re-appropriation (and transformation) of anonymous images and memories, somehow buried in the past. It’s the spirits of these people that populate—assuming the shape of photos, videos, smells and sounds—the artist’s newest solo show, “Espírito de Tudo” [Spirit of Everything]. Curated by Evangelina Seiler, the exhibition is on view at Oi Futuro Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, until January 29th of next year.

The artist, who took part in the PIPA Prize 2016 Nominating Committee, told the newspaper O Globo that the show first started to take shape when she realized that the series “Transcendental Tourist” fit one of the rooms of the cultural centre; because it requires a big space, its exhibition is not always possible. The work consists on the simultaneous play of ten different videos, which show recordings of some of the exotic places Rosângela has been to, such as the Uyuni Salt Flats, in Bolivia; the city of Allahabad, in India; the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, in Brazil; or the Nazca Lines in Peru. Most of them are known as places of extreme religiousness and mysticism.

The esoteric aura remains throughout the rest of exhibition. In “Magic Lantern”, for example, the 19th century toys point to photographies burned during its development, then revealing details once thought lost – ghosts that haunt the images. Other works involve smell: “Per fumum”, for instance, presents different fragrances to the visitors, and “As horas viajantes” [The travelling hours] places dozens of perfume flasks in the Museum of Tellecomunications of the Oi Futuro centre, a window that represents the evolution of media from the beginning of time.

In the words of the curator Evangelina Seiler, the exhibition makes it possible for the visitors to delve into the work of Rosângela Rennó while sharpening their five senses.


“Espírito de Tudo”, by Rosângela Rennó
Curated by Evangelina Seiler
From November 21st to January 29th, 2017

Oi Futuro Flamengo
Rua 2 de Dezembro, 63, térreo – Flamengo
T:  (21) 3131-3060
Working hours: ter – dom, 11h às 20h

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