PIPA Institute 2016 Highlights

Many crucial events took place in 2016. This is also true when it comes to the year at PIPA Institute, which sponsors and coordinates PIPA Prize, that implemented a number of new strategies, initiatives and projects in these past months. Here, we remember some of the main highlights of the Institute this year.

“The new PIPA Institute strategies for this year, as an unfolding of the success of PIPA Prize in these last 7 years, hopes to potentialize new ways of fomenting and promoting the artistic production of those who are somehow linked to PIPA, which accounts for over 330 artists from all over the country.” – Luiz Camillo Osorio

Luiz Camillo Osorio, Board Member and a PIPA Prize founder, becomes curator of PIPA Institute


The “curator” position, until then non-existent in the Institute, was created so that Osorio could guide PIPA Institute in its efforts to start a proper PIPA art collection, composed by former PIPA Prize nominees’ artworks, as well as strengthening PIPA Prize websites’ calling as a research platform for Brazilian contemporary art. Osorio also started to write a monthly column on the website. “The idea is that artists who have once participated in PIPA keep feeling stimulated to keep that connection alive, may it be through the website or through the art collection”, says Osorio. “PIPA Prize has become more and more a solid institution in the Brazilian contemporary arts world. Consolidating that prestigious place and enhancing its scope is the purpose of its latest actions.” Read Camilo’s monthly column here.

In the last 7 years, PIPA Institute has reunited artworks by over 20 artists in its collection, since the winners of each of the three categories of the Prize (PIPA, PIPA Popular Vote and PIPA Online) donate each an artwork to the Institute.

A step towards internationalization

Another step towards PIPA Institute’s internationalization was taken when, in the second semester of 2014, part of its team transferred to London. Since then, many new contacts with the international art circuit have been established. The result of such efforts have just started to be yielded, the PIPA Prize name gaining recognition worldwide.

In 2016, PIPA Prize participated in Camden Sentido, an annual arts programme hosted by the Borough of Camden (London, UK). Themed “all things Brazil” in honour of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the São Paulo Art Biennale, the programme joined artists who gained international prominence during the last decade together with curators, researchers, and arts professionals in order to present a brief overview of Brazilian art history until today. Curator of PIPA Prize Luiz Camillo Osorio was responsible for curating the video exhibition “Brazil, one country, many worlds”, selecting 10 video installations produced by former PIPA Prize nominees and screened exclusively on the PIPA Prize websites from June to October.

“The issue of a Brazilian identity is a very problematic one. From colonialism to postmodernism, what has been Brazil’s main features is its diversity and its adversity”, explains Osorio. “It is a continental country mixing mega­cities as São Paulo with a gigantic forest as the Amazon. There coexist, in conflict and tension, many different religions, ethnicities, skin colours, cultural backgrounds. In this critical moment, where the social, economical and political crisis has grown, it is up for the artists to be the voice of resistance, bringing to the fore our diverse adversity.” You can watch the entire video exhibition here.

New projects & Partnerships

Starting in September, PIPA Institute joined forces with the Jacaranda art space at Villa Aymoré, when the Institute loaned some of its collection’s artworks by Virginia de Medeiros, PIPA Prize winner in 2015, to the art venue.

“Initiating the partnership between PIPA Institute and Jacaranda we present the video “Sérgio and Simone”, by Virginia de Medeiros, PIPA Prize 2015 winner, parallel to the Finalists Exhibition on view at MAM-Rio. This work, which currently integrates PIPA Institute’s collection and was shown in the São Paulo 2014 Biennial, as well as in the PIPA Prize Finalists Exhibition of 2015, investigates the radical and contradictory invention of the self, putting side by side body and espiritual transformations.”– Luiz Camillo Osorio

That same month, Jacaranda opened the group show “Indelével”, in which the curator Vicente de Mello reunited works by the artists Iole de Freitas, Janaina Tschape, Lenora de Barros, Maria Laet and Virginia de Medeiros. The exhibition talked about personal narratives, and how they can be interlinked in a timeless way. The artworks on view intended to take the visitors to a universe where the images produced by the five artists each related to the following, between memory, the unconscious and violence. For more information, read this post.

Clipping from O Globo newspaper from October 2nd 2016: "Exhibition gathers artists at Jacaranda: Lenora de Barros performs"

Clipping from O Globo newspaper from October 2nd 2016: “Exhibition gathers artists at Jacaranda: Lenora de Barros performs”

Recognition in the arts world

PIPA Prize was nominated in 2016 to O Globo newspaper’s Prêmio Faz Diferença 2016 [Make a Difference Award], a leading Brazilian award. Created by O Globo in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State Industry Federation (FIRJAN), it acknowledges the work and talent of Brazilians who made history in their areas of activity. Along with the arts collector José Olympio and the artist and poet Wlademir Dias-Pinto, PIPA Prize is a nominee at the award’s Visual Arts category.

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