Open talk about the “Traveling Artist” takes place in Jacaranda art space this weekend

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

This weekend marks the actual beginning of 2017 for the art circuit of Rio de Janeiro. Asides from two openings—”A luz que vela o corpo revela a tela”, group show curated by Bruno Miguel, and “Máquina Devir”, solo exhibition by Maria Lynch—this Saturday, January 14th, also features the open talk “Artista Viajante” [Traveling Artist], set to start at 5:30 pm at Jacaranda art space, in Villa Aymoré. Presenting Carlos Vergara, Isabel Diegues and the winner of PIPA Prize 2013 Cadu, the panel intends to be the first of a series organized by the art club this month.


The subject of the voyage is no stranger to the panelists. Cadu, for example, spent most of last year between Mexico and the Atacama desert—you can read further into the subject in an interview the curator of PIPA Institute Luiz Camillo Osorio conducted with him last year. In the case of Isabel, a journey to the state of Piauí with a group of artists was the subject of a whole book, called Diário de uma digressão [Diary of a digression]. Carlos Vergara’s many trips across the country were responsible for widening and broadening the magnitude of his work, once some of his most important series were produced in regions such as the interior of Minas and Pantanal.

“Artista Viajante” [Traveling Artist], an open talk featuring Cadu, Carlos Vergara and Isabel Diegues
Saturday, January 14th, at 5:30 pm

Jacaranda, na Villa Aymoré
Ladeira da Glória, 26 – Glória
T: (21) 2509-6962

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